tips for outdoor theater

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just bring that large cinema screen at home? Actually, come to think of it, it is kind of possible. Setting up your very own mini cinema theater at home is not uncommon. I mean, who doesn’t to have their own theater at home?

I think we can all agree that an outdoor theater is far more exciting than the usual; it’s great because we can invite relatives and friends over to enjoy movie nights with us without having to worry about seat arrangements and reservations.

Because outdoor theaters have been trending, many families have opted to do it in their own homes. To be able to set up your own outdoor theater, a simple guide is all you need.

Guide to Setting Up

  • Find a space

First and foremost, find a decent space in your backyard that could serve as the outdoor theater area. If there is a vacant wall or surface available, the theater set-up would be best situated in that area since that surface may serve as our cinema screen.

  • Secure a projector.

Perhaps the most expensive part of setting up your own outdoor or indoor theater is purchasing a projector. Good for you if you already have one; buying one may seem a bit pricey but you can always go for the cheapest one available. Also, the initial cost can be easily returned if you allow your projector to be rented.

The projector is essential as it will project the movies onto the bigger screen so that everyone on the grass could see Jack and Rose sinking in the Titanic.

  • Make use of your laptop.

A separate DVD player is not really that necessary anymore since almost all laptops have their own DVD players available. Without a laptop with DVD player, you can make use of a separate one.

  • DIY screen or inflatable screen

It would be great if your backyard has an area with a plain wall; that could serve as your own screen for the movie. However, if there’s none of that, you can always secure cheap cloth which you can hang somewhere to serve as your screen.

Another alternative is also purchasing an inflatable movie screens; many of these are affordable and available in amazon.

movie night snacks

  • Install a sound system/speakers

There are quite a lot of choices for the sound system aspect; several good quality and affordable speakers are available in the market. Basically, you can just connect the speakers to the laptop or the DVD player and you’re good to go.

  • Prepare extension cords.

Since the setup is in the backyard, you might need lots of extension for the laptop, projector, speakers, etc. as they all need to be plugged in and most probably, the nearest sockets are many feet away.

  • Chairs, cushions, blankets, etc.

Depending on your own preference, you may set up chairs, bean bags or even comfortable small mattresses facing the screen so as to serve as your seats for the movie night.


Now that we’ve covered a quick overview in setting-up an outdoor theater, we must not forget to mention about food and drinks. Of course, nothing else would make this experience better than making sure there are lots and lots of popcorn, chips, sodas and beer available in the kitchen.

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