internet speed testMobility has become the name of the game in the world of business nowadays. Fast-paced and lightning decisions must be done in order to survive. Such is also the case in web hosting (read abstract, p. 1). One must always monitor the websites in order to stay competitive. One cannot carry a laptop in all occasions in order to monitor the websites. Luckily, mobile devices are abound this days to help us tackle the daily problems of web hosting.

One of the paramount problems that web hosts face is the speed of their websites. Basically, the loading time of one’s websites may make or break your business. Websites which loads slowly will frustrate the viewer. This in turn will lessen the traffic in the websites. That is why a good web host is imperative to ensure that the pages will load fast

A variety of applications and programs can monitor the web hosting speed of your websites. This article will focus on the methods on how to measure said web hosting speeds inside the comforts of your iPhone.


The following are the advantages that can be gleaned by using your iPhone as the platform to check the web hosting speed

Mobility is always an advantage. The inherent mobility that mobile devices like iPhones offer will allow users to monitor the web hosting speed from everywhere.

Instant internet access. Although this may not be applicable to all, most mobile devices has a built-in 4G or 3G radio that enables such devices to connect to the internet. Laptops and computers, as a rule, do not have this feature. The exception are the Chromebooks from Google.

Validation of results. The inherent mobility of the iPhone means that one can sample a lot of internet connections at once. In doing so, the user can easily determine the mean or median of the results. Using a laptop, for example, would hamper your mobility in trying to test the web hosting speeds in different internet connections. This is especially true if you live in a country that has tight internet restrictions like Singapore where using a VPN is important. 

You might get a low reading because of poor internet connection. By sampling more internet connections, one can reduce the possibility of relying on only one internet connection as a medium of measuring the speed which could skew the results.

How to Check the Web Hosting Speed via iPhone?

There are many web hosting speed calculators available in many websites throughout the internet. Many years ago, only computers and laptops can display such websites as the mobile prowess were still lacking. Nowadays, the mobile versions of the following websites are good enough to measure the webhosting speeds.

iPhone users need only to open their Safari browser application and click the links in order to test the speed of their web host. Of course, instructions for each web site may differ but the following websites are user-friendly. The following websites can measure web hosting speed:

It would be better if you will not confine yourself to using one web hosting speed calculator. Like the third advantage for the using of the iPhone as the medium to check the speed mentioned above, it would be better to use all four in order to rule out any extraneous variable and get the mean or median rating.