choices for christmas lights

One of the main considerations that people have to be make with regard to holiday festivities is on the types of lights to use. Choosing the best types of lights is important just as how we choose other products such as our DAQ devices or other tech gadgets, clothes, accessories, etc. Queries have been raised on the merits and demerits of either using laser based technology or the traditional Christmas lights. In making the appropriate choice between the two, there are a number of factors that you ought to consider, but chief among them is the issue of safety. Laser lights are great in so far that they are durable, easy to install, and they reflect lights that look like snowflakes or many other icons. On the count of safety, it has been indisputably proven that Laser Based Xmas Lights outperform regular Christmas lights by far.

Here is a look at five key reasons why laser technology is safer than traditional Christmas lights:

1. No Tangled Cables

Regular Christmas lights require very long cables for connecting the bulbs, in addition to the power cord. All this cabling can be cumbersome, and matters are even worse if it gets tangled up. Tangled up cables are a recipe for accidents, not to mention that it takes considerable time to untangle them.

On the other hand, laser Christmas lights require no cabling at all, save for the short cord for plugging to the power source. They are therefore safer in this respect.

2. Easier to Put Up

Regular Christmas lights are fixed onto walls using a hammer or a stapling gun. This process is wrought with its own dangers. A shot from the stapling gun or a hit from the hammer will definitely inflict pain. In addition, the nails and pins used on the walls are bound to leave ugly scars, and it will entail extra work to have them cleared.

This is the opposite of laser lights, which do not need to be fixed on the walls. They are normally subtly hidden among bushes or flowers, and thus putting them up does not pose much threat.

3. Easier to Position

Positioning the Christmas Laser Lights is by far simpler and safer than doing the same for the regular lights. All you need to do is to mount the projector, point it in the right direction, and light it up. No climbing is involved.

This cannot be said of positioning the regular lights. They require some sought of climbing equipment like a high chair or a ladder, which you have to keep moving from one position to another as you string the lights along. This is a matter of safety concern, because anything could go wrong and you find yourself tumbling down from the high chair or ladder.

colorful laser lights

4. More Cost effective

Investing in Laser Based Xmas Lights is safer for your pocket too! Laser technology is guaranteed to use less energy than the regular Christmas lights. They use between 30% and 95% less power, saving you at least $10 for every 200 or so hours.

In addition, you can bank on Laser Based Christmas Lights being more durable. They will last for well over 4000 hours while their counterparts barely make it to half that time. 

5. Saves Lives

Research has shown that about 20 people lose their lives annually as a result of Christmas tree fires. Relying on laser based technology is guaranteed to minimize this loss in a big way. This is because though laser lights burn brighter, they are far cooler than the regular lights.

The laser lights are easy to use, as well as very safe. It is obvious that the use of Laser Based Xmas Lights far outweigh the use of regular lights during the holidays.