Everybody loves a party but preparing all the food for your guests can be tiring. The good news is that there are several party appetizer recipe ideas that you can prepare in just a few minutes. If you’re planning to throw a party at your home this summer, these appetizer ideas will help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time having fun, whilst making sure that all your guests are happy and full.

Baked Brie with Crackers:

Cheese and crackers is always a crowd-pleaser and this recipe idea doesn’t take up too much cooking time, either. A selection of shop-bought crackers will do the job just fine and all you need to do is place a wheel of brie in the oven for five to ten minutes, turning it deliciously warm and gooey. Add a variety of jams and preserves to serve for even more juicy taste. A wooden serving board is all that you need to present it beautifully, too. Check out the gorgeous and durable serving boards on this page – https://virginiaboyskitchens.com/collections/wood-serving-trays.

Spicy Black Beans and Avocado Canapes:

All you need to do for this easy and deliciously healthy party food is prepare the mixture to add to mini, scoopable tortilla chips. In a medium bowl, combine ½ cup black beans, ½ a diced avocado, ½ a finely chopped jalapeno, one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, and some kosher salt and black pepper. Then add to the tortilla chips and serve. These measurements make 24 tortillas, but you can always add more if they’re going down well.

Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwiches:

Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese? And if you want to serve something a little bit more filling then these mini grilled cheese sandwiches are the perfect option. Take twelve slices of sandwich bread to make six full-sized sandwiches with cheese and a fruit chutney of your choice. Then, melt two tablespoons of unsalted butter in a large skillet over a medium heat, and cook the sandwiches until the cheese has melted and the bread is golden; around 2-3 minutes per side. Before serving, cut each sandwich into quarters.

Spiced Pitta Chips:

A perfect alternative to potato chips, you can create almost any flavor that you like by sprinkling small portions of pita bread with herbs and spices and broiling until crisp. First, split the pitas into eight rounds and brush them with olive oil. Sprinkle with herbs or spices of your choice – paprika, oregano and oil make a great combination. Then, slice the pitas into bite-sized triangles and place on a baking sheet. Broil for around two minutes, or until crisp.

Bite-Size Pizzas:

Using small chunks of a baguette, top with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, chopped tomatoes, cheese, salami and herbs for the perfect Italian-inspired appetizer. Bake until the cheese is melted, or for around 5-7 minutes.

Making delicious party food for your guests doesn’t have to take up half your day! What are your favorite quick party food ideas? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.