When we wake up in the morning and we’re adjusting to the world, we often feel the need for an energy boost. The majority of people will choose to have an energizing mug of their favorite coffee. However, there are plenty of alternatives that will give you that desired energy boost. With that in mind, we’ll examine a selection of energizing drinks below.

Kratom Tea

Kratom is a naturally occurring opioid that is related to the coffee crew. When you take Kratom, which can be made into tea, you will likely feel increases in your mood and boosts in energy levels. Like CBD and other leaf extracts, there are varying strains of Kratom for your buzz. One of the more commercial strains is called Maeng Da Kratom, which is a hybrid strain said to give a stronger energy boost. You can find out all the details on Maeng Da Kratom here.


Okay, so we just can’t get enough of coffee either, so we’re including it in our list. Caffeine, in moderation, is a great drink that can help boost energy levels and productivity. However, if you have too much caffeine you can find yourself feeling sluggish and counteracting the effects. For best results, limit yourself to one or two cups a day and avoid it before bedtime.

Green Smoothies

Part of a well-balanced diet, green smoothies will provide you with plenty of nutrients and vitamins, alongside essential energy. To that end, you can get all of that in one go if you start drinking green smoothies. Pack spinach, fruits, and ice into the blender and get ready for a refreshing hit. If you want to have an even greater boost, throw some healthy green tea into the mix.

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice has been proven to boost the stamina of pro athletes as well as lower blood pressure. The juice itself is pretty strong in taste, so you may want to blend it with other vegetables like carrots and cucumbers to take the edge off. Alternatively, you can blend it up into a fruit smoothie for something different.


You’ve probably had this drilled into your head plenty of times, but water is a necessity when it comes to boosting your energy. Think of your body as a car, and water is the fuel that releases energy and gets the cogs turning. When you need an energy boost, water should be your first step because it’s super healthy. If you’re an energy drink fiend, you should try and convert to water because you’re packing your body full of unnecessary sugars.

Our bodies rely on energy to get through the day, and we can use certain drinks to give them a helping hand. A fat glass of water should be your first point of contact when you first wake up. However, there’s nothing wrong with a cheeky mug of coffee now and then. Further, you can opt for natural extracts like Kratom tea for a unique energy boost.