There are two Apple iPhone products which are; iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Both of them are excellent for all users. However, we have come up with some minor differences to help you make selection easier.

Design and Size

Both devices are made of curved aluminum. However, they unavoidably differ in dimension and size departments. iPhone 6S Plus is 2cm taller, 2mm thicker and 1cm wider than iPhone 6S. Though it does not seem much, however, it vividly makes a great difference in the handling of these two.


Apple devices have the paramount cameras in today’s business. Both devices have 8MP mobile camera. However, they only differ in OIS. You can get same level Facetime and selfie quality with both the products. iPhone 6S Plus has OIS i.e., “Optical Image Stabilization” and iPhone 6S does not have it. The OIS helps you in taking better pictures by abolishing the blur that happens when your hands shake while taking the picture. This is an added bonus you get with the iPhone 6S Plus.

Battery Life

If you are thinking that bigger iPhone 6 Plus must have the bigger battery and enhanced battery life then congratulations, you are totally right. It has a battery of 2915 mAh compared to that of 1810 mAh battery of iPhone 6S. With the former device, you can make your phone’s battery alive for up to two days without getting it charged (in case, you are not using your phone overmuch). With iPhone 6S, however, you need to get it charged once daily.  You can do browsing and videos for up to 11 hours with the battery of iPhone 6S and with 6S Plus, you can make videos up to 12 hours and browsing for 14 hours. This is indeed an added benefit of iPhone 6S Plus.


It is a fact that Apple products are never cheap. Prices are high but they ensure that the product is user-friendly and potential to meet the needs and requirements of all users. They supply their customers with the best of products and services.  If you want to buy an excellent Apple iPhone that is relatively easy on your pocketbook then iPhone 6S is best for you. If money is not a matter for you then go for the 6S Plus. There is a price difference of 100 dollars in both of the products.